Rounding-up the Babywearing Science

Tis the season to celebrate International Babywearing Week! From October 1 - 9, mothers around the globe will be advocating and promoting awareness for wearing babies. An important message being promoted is this: babywearing is based on more than anecdotal evidence - it’s backed by science.

You’ll be forgiven for not being familiar with the research behind babywearing. In all fairness, it hasn’t always been easy to round-up. Well, We The Parents has just changed that. In time for Babywearing Week, they put together an in-depth infographic illustrating 23 science-backed benefits of infant wearing.

For instance, did you know that babywearing can be helpful for mothers who are struggling with postpartum depression? Or how about the fact that it can promote healthy digestion and growth in small infants? And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check it out:

I think you’ll agree that the available research makes for a fascinating read, whether you are already a babywearing believer or are a curious parent looking for a new way to travel with your infant.

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