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Tuck and Bundle's 1st Video Tutorial...kind of...

by Miranda Tripp July 31, 2017


As you may have researched, we have not posted a video tutorial on how-to baby wrap in the Tuck and Bundle Ezra wrap. Well, here are a few reasons so you can chill out and not be mad:

1. The owner is camera shy, like really.

2. There are a lot of ways to tie the wrap and we want to spell it out in our step-by-step instructions here!

3. Video shoots aren't as easy as photoshoots, you can't just snap and post, these things take time and patience so when you see a mom post her heart out give her a thumbs up, because it's hard bro.

5. An awesome dad already posted one here:


Just remember, you can always email us at hello@tuckandbundleshop.com and we can walk you through it and spam your email with resources, jk!

Miranda Tripp
Miranda Tripp


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