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Our Story

Our Story

Tuck and Bundle is a veteran-owned and mama-run baby company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

After having my first baby I was given over five different carriers from friends and loved the idea of it all but didn't feel great in any of them. Being that I am 5 foot nothing, I didn't feel comfortable wearing a backpack on my front side (I did my time in the Army, not going down like that again) and...I didn't want a heavy thick wrap that felt more like a blanket wrapped around me all day. I jumped on Instagram and was very surprised to find options for babywearing had been around for a long time with almost no regard to trending style, active new moms, and of course Texas HEAT! 

I came across a friend from highschool in a wrap only to find out it was "sold-out". If you haven't been across a Shopify or Bigcartel with a big "sold out" badge, then you haven't been on Instagram long. I decided this needed to reach Texas and active new moms want to carry, and we want to carry in style (California can't have all the trends while we sit here waiting for Target to throw us some basic stuff).

I began reading up on babywearing, and WOW, I had no idea babywearing came with loads of benefits for mom and baby! I found a baby wrap I liked on Craigslist and quickly went to work trying to improve it. I researched everything I could, and no I can't tell you how much, because you would think I'm crazy, just remember I am a millennial and a nursing mom who doesn't sleep!

So here it is, we designed the Ezra Wrap in hopes of making a carrier to withstand the Texas heat. We are proud to make a product that is beautiful, stylish, nurtures both mom and baby, and is 100% Made in America. Thank you so much for your support of our small company!


Miranda Tripp

Founder & Owner

Brianna Tipton

Operations Manager