Lavender Grey

Lavender Grey

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You're going to love how lightweight and breathable the Lavender Grey baby wrap is.

Each wrap is made with 100% luxurious Lenzing Micromodal (no cotton here!) which is ultra-lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch. Micromodal makes our wraps perfect for summer babywearing but also great for any time of year.  We care about the safety of your child. Our wraps have been safety tested in the U.S. and comply with safety regulations and requirements.

Baby wraps are great for bonding and have been shown to soothe crying (43% less during the day and 51% less at night) and colic.

Whether you're looking for a lightweight baby wrap that makes it easier to get out of the house or a wrap to wear around the house so you can be hands free while bonding with baby, then Tuck and Bundle wraps are the perfect choice. They're so comfortable you'll want to wear yours all day and so lightweight and breathable that you won't feel like you're wrapped in a blanket or weighed down by a bulky backpack.

All Ezra Collection lightweight baby wraps are:

  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Great baby shower gifts (don't worry, at least three other people will buy her a Goodnight Moon book)
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for newborns 8-25 lbs (0-15 months)

Go ahead and place your order now or add a wrap to your baby registry because popular colors sell out fast!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Better than the others!!! Trust me!

I tried the Solly and other off-brands it wraps, but they were too thick. Too much fabric makes you feel like you’re wearing a curtain! With my tuckandbundle, it’s super thin, easy to wrap and like really cute. I never thought you could say that about a wrap before. I’ve received many compliments on how cute it looks on me. Instead of looking homely and grungy while baby wearing, it’s actually really trendy! SPEND THE MONEY and you’ll be obsessed like me! Lol

Surprisingly perfect

I’ve never been a fan of wrap carriers because they seem to provide no support for baby. This one is perfect, while still letting my baby breathe. I have yet to try it in the really hot heat, but I can tell a difference even in the temperature in the house. For the price I would recommend this to any new mom.

Great wrap

This wrap is so lightweight and perfect for summer weather!

Very nice Quality and Comfortable

Parenting is never an easy job

Babies aren't known for their good timing or the awareness of their surroundings, whether they are at home or not.
As a parent, you are required to change your baby's pad no matter the time or place. If you are out with your baby,
it’s best to have with you a changing pad that you consider to be the temperandtantrum for your child, instead of using the unhygienic changing stations in public restrooms.

I am glad to have come across your website and to have read such useful information. Great Job guy! Keep Up the excellent Work!!!

Must have!

I was scared at first to buy this but thank god I did I absolutely love! Easy to use which is what I was scared of. Soft and comfortable. My daughter and I love it. She falls asleep comfortably. I recommend this to every mom and dad!