Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove Baby Wraps
Mom wearing baby wrap carrier, winter, snow, dark green, baby in black beanie, beautiful hair
Pine Grove - Best Baby Wraps for Summer
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
Pine Grove (PreOrder)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mom wearing baby wrap carrier, winter, snow, dark green, baby in black beanie, beautiful hair
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pine Grove - Best Baby Wraps for Summer
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Pine Grove (PreOrder)

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**This is a PRE-ORDER product, it will ship out on or before March 1st 2022.**

You're going to love how lightweight and breathable the Pine Grove baby wrap is for both mom and dad. This deep green neutral is as beautiful as the outdoors. Whether you are looking for a lightweight baby wrap carrier that makes it easier to get out of the house or you are just wanting to be hands-free while bonding with your baby, the Tuck and Bundle wrap is the perfect choice. They are so comfortable you'll want to wear it all day. We think they are pretty stylish too!

All Tuck and Bundle Collection baby wrap carriers are:

  • Made of lightweight and cool-to-the touch 100% Modal

  • Perfect for newborns 8-35 pounds (approx. 0-18 months old)

  • One-size for parents petite through plus size!

  • Simple to use and comes with a beautiful instruction booklet

  • Machine washable

  • Included with an attached storage pocket and gift-ready cinch bag!

  • Made in America and Veteran-owned

  • Beautiful Gift Box Included in every order!

  • Hip Healthy certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute



  • Babies: 8-35 lbs (0-18 months old)
  • Parents: fits petite through extended/plus-size!
  • Length: Approximately 6 Yards
  • When in doubt see our FAQs or send an email to
  • Free Fit Checks and one-on-one video tutorials are available through email and FB/Instagram messenger.


  • Machine-wash cold, tumble dry low separately, no need to hang, do not iron.
  • Product does not fade, pill, or stretch out.
  • Tip: Use a lingerie bag for washing with other garments and dry alone on low heat to prevent tangling and wrinkling.
  • We do not recommend chemical stain remover unless diluting and washing immediately after spot treating.



Our no-roll hemline and unique 2-way stretch (stretch for baby but stays snug around mama) makes it easier to put on and helps it stay in place for all day wearing. Beautiful rich colors, a vegan leather tag, and the perfect fit make our wrap not only functional but stylish.


Tuck and Bundle’s custom made Tencel™ Micromodal isn’t just cotton-free it’s 3x softer than cotton and cool-to-the-touch, lighter than air, and knit for strength and durability. Responsibly made in California and tested to meet ASTM, CPSIA, and CPSC standards. Sustainability to us is about quality of quantity purchases and our wraps are made to keep, wear all day, and even pass on, so go ahead have more babies, go crazy.


Designed in Texas to withstand the Texas heat, our wraps are lightweight and knit for breathability making it the most comfortable baby wrap in the world. Typically found in high-end activewear and intimates, Tencel™ MicroModal is known for its strength, luxe softness, and durability.


  • Did you know baby wraps are great for bonding but have been shown to soothe crying (43% less during the day and 51% less at night) as well as colic.
  • We offer phone, text, and video chat support. One-on-one video tutorials take only 10 minutes and our educator will cater to your individual needs.
  • Buying two is a great way to share your baby wrap with dad, leave one in the car, and even have a spare when one is being laundered.
  • Add to any Baby Registry with a few clicks.
  • Mom tested and approved, see our reviews.
  • Video Tutorials available here.

lightweight, breathable

Our 3x softer than cotton, lightweight, and stretchy, modal fabric gives you the breathability you need without the bulk.


Ethically sourced from the pulp of Austrian beechwood trees, Tencel® Micromodal is live-in comfortable and cool-to-the-touch.

Strong and Durable

Laboratory tested for strength and durability, our wraps comply with safety regulations and requirements.

Perfect All Year Round

Our wraps will keep you cool in the summer heat, but make cuddling up with babe in the winter even better.

Tuck and bundle baby wrap gift

What’s Included:

Your Tuck and Bundle wrap arrives in a gift-ready cinch bag with a beautiful step-by-step instruction manual, nursing instruction, and tips for wearing your precious babe.

Tuck and bundle baby wrap gift

Designed for mom, perfect for dad, best for baby.

The Tuck and Bundle baby wrap is both stylish and functional whether you’re going out or just staying in.

Designed for mom,  perfect for dad, best for baby.


When can I start using my wrap and up to what age can my baby be worn?

We recommend beginning from birth. Our wrap is perfect for babies 8-25 lb (0-15 months old). You will get the most use out of your wrap within the baby's first year.

Can I wear my baby facing forward or on my back?

No, we DO NOT recommend either. Forward facing can increase stimulation which can be a stressor for newborns and as they grow it can put too much pressure on baby’s spine and joints. It can also increase the risk of baby falling out of the wrap because the direction of gravity is forward without restraint and it may put pressure on the wearer’s back causing them to over-arch. We also advise against back carrying in this wrap. We DO recommend carrying to the side with the wrap so they can see everything around them. Simply put them on as instructed in the Classic Hold and wiggle them to either side of your torso and chest. You can fan out the opposite shoulder section for your added comfort. A tutorial video is available on our website.

Can I wear twins in my Tuck and Bundle wrap?

We do not recommend wearing twins in our wrap. Parents of multiples love our wrap because one baby is able sleep securely in the wrap while allowing you to be hands-free to feed or play with the other. Purchasing a second wrap for your spouse is a great option.

How do I take care of my Tuck and Bundle wrap?

Our wrap is machine washable. Wash on delicate, cold, and tumble dry low. To prevent tangling with other garments, you may wash your wrap in a mesh bag. Do not use chemical spot treatments.

Where can I find video tutorials?

Our tutorials are located on our website, YouTube, and Instagram highlights. You can also schedule a one-on-one video call through FaceTime or Facebook messenger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Marin Nicole
Hands down the best baby wrap!!!

I literally have one of these at home and in both my vehicle and my husbands in case we are ever out and about and forget our stroller it's so convenient to have. I love this wrap! It's a must for getting anything down around the house as well, we have two under two and they both just want my attention so this is perfect for snuggling my newborn and still being with my toddler.

Awesome product for many reasons

i love this wrap. my newborn loves it. we have 3 baby carries and he prefers tuck and bundles pine grove wrap, especially when hes fussy. im only 4'9" and thought that the wrap was going to be too long but its perfect. the material is lightweight and my baby doesnt sweat while being worn. the product quality and effectiveness is worth the price. i also reached out to customer service and they did an amazing job contacting me in a timely matter. new moms & women that are already mom...this is a product you must buy. my baby and i absolutely love this product!

Joni Love-Mullins
The perfect color

Actually wearing this wrap as I type this review! Love the softness of the material but still feels like baby is secure. These wraps are my go to with this baby, especially for naps.

Love it

I got a tuck and bundle as a gift and loved it so much I had to buy another one. I was wearing it out on walks, to do chores around the house and play with my toddler. While one is being washed I wear the other and just rotate them. It’s much more comfortable than a regular baby carrier as it doesn’t pull down on your neck and cause neck and back pain. It took me a few tries to get used to putting it on, but now that I’ve got it I throw it and my baby on super quick! I’ll never go back to a regular carrier.

Eileen Rutherford
Love it!

I love it! So soft and it works! I saw a friend on fb wearing it and I needed something. I work from home and I need to have my hands free, so I figure I would give it a shot. I have tried using a ring sling before but this was easier to use and kept my baby more secure. I just wish there was a way to wear him so he could face out. I also wish there was an easy way to take it on and off without having to re-tie it every time. But even with these "issues" I would still buy it again. I don't know why I waited till my third kid to get it.