Pine Grove

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- Made of lightweight and cool-to-the-touch 100% Tencel™ Modal

- Perfect for babies 8-35 pounds (approx. 0-18 months old)

- One-size for parents petite through plus size 

- Learn how to baby wrap with your beautiful instruction booklet (included)

- Storage pocket at tail of wrap for easy diaper bag storage

- Veteran-owned and Designed in Texas

- Beautiful Gift Box and gift-ready cinch bag in every order!

- Hip Healthy certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

- Size Inclusive with just over 6 Yards in length (longest on market)

Pine Grove: This deep green neutral is as beautiful as the outdoors. The only wrap you’ll ever need to calm even the fussiest of babies.



Babies: 8-35 lbs (0-18 months old)
Parents: fits petite through extended/plus-size!
Length: Approximately 6 Yards

When in doubt see our FAQs or send an email to

Free Fit Checks and one-on-one video tutorials are available through email and FB/Instagram messenger.


Machine-wash cold, tumble dry low separately, no need to hang, do not iron.

Product does not fade, pill, or stretch out.


Use a lingerie bag for washing with other garments and dry alone on low heat to prevent tangling and wrinkling.We do not recommend chemical stain remover unless diluting and washing immediately after spot treating.

What makes it better


Our no-roll hemline and unique 2-way stretch (stretch for baby but stays snug around mama) makes it easier to put on and helps it stay in place for all day wearing. Beautiful rich colors, a vegan leather tag, and the perfect fit make our wrap not only functional but stylish.


Tuck and Bundle’s custom made Tencel™ Micromodal isn’t just cotton-free it’s 3x softer than cotton and cool-to-the-touch, lighter than air, and knit for strength and durability. Tested to meet ASTM, CPSIA, and CPSC standards. Sustainability to us is about quality of quantity purchases and our wraps are made to keep, wear all day, and even pass on, so go ahead have more babies, go crazy.


Designed in Texas to withstand the Texas heat, our wraps are lightweight and knit for breathability making it the most comfortable baby wrap in the world. Typically found in high-end activewear and intimates, Tencel™ MicroModal is known for its strength, luxe softness, and durability.

Good To Know

Did you know baby wraps are great for bonding but have been shown to soothe crying (43% less during the day and 51% less at night) as well as colic.

We offer phone, text, and video chat support. One-on-one video tutorials take only 10 minutes and our educator will cater to your individual needs.

Buying two is a great way to share your baby wrap with dad, leave one in the car, and even have a spare when one is being laundered.

Add to any Baby Registry with a few clicks.

Mom tested and approved, see our reviews.

Video tutorial available: Learn Page


Our 3x softer than cotton, lightweight, and stretchy, modal fabric gives you the breathability you need without the bulk.


Ethically sourced from the pulp of Austrian beechwood trees, Tencel® Micromodal is live-in comfortable and cool-to-the-touch.


Laboratory tested for strength and durability, our wraps comply with safety regulations and requirements.


Our wraps will keep you cool in the summer heat, but make cuddling up with babe in the winter even better.

Designed for Mom, Perfect for Dad, Best for Baby.

The Tuck and Bundle baby wrap is both stylish and functional whether you’re going out or just staying in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 846 reviews
Thee Best Wrap Ever!

Have soo enjoyed this wrap! I have tried three others before finding Tuck and Bundle and recommend this company to all mamas! (Daddy’s too, grandmas etc) I wore both of my daughters almost nonstop. From doing house chores, working outside, going for a walk, grocery shopping (insert anything you need to do in a day) this wrap can do it all. Super light and breathable fabric! Highly recommend!! Often tied it on for my husband and mom to wear our daughters too. Great for all shapes and sizes! You won’t regret all the snuggles, wear your baby!

Lost my item

I never received my item and still yet to receive another one 1 month later. The customer service is terrible, they said she would send another one and still haven’t . Really disappointed especially since I’m trying to send this to a mother who could really use it.

Melissa Barrett
Best wrap out there

This wrap is made from material I haven't been able to find in any other wrap. I borrowed it from a friend and my daughter finally didn't fuss because it was stretchy and breathable compared to all the others I've found on Amazon that are typically made of cotton.


I’ve never owned a product (until this baby wrap!) that TRULY changed my life enough to the point where I felt the NEED to tell the world about it!!! After I gave birth, I soon found myself with postpartum depression. I believe if I had found and used this specific baby wrap sooner, I wouldn’t have suffered as much as I did. As any first time mom, I was extremely overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of a newborn/infant while (trying) to juggle taking care of myself and my own health. After not leaving the house for the first two months after baby’s birth, my husband encouraged me to go out to eat at a restaurant with him. Something so normal as eating out in a restaurant seemed now impossible for me. Who would watch the baby? What if the baby cries and screams the whole time and ruins dinner for the table next to us? It all sounded so stressful and exhausting. I was already very sleep deprived. I didn’t want to let my husband down, as we now already didn’t have any time together anymore. So, for the first time, I tried on the Tuck & Bundle baby wrap that a family member had gifted me. I had tried other brands of baby wraps/baby carriers before, but they never felt comfortable for me, nor the baby! As I unboxed my tuck & bundle gift, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to “figure it out”, but thankfully it came with very simple instruction cards. I was also very helped by their simple instructions videos on their company website and YouTube channel. The baby slept in the wrap the entire time we were at the restaurant!!! I was SO AMAZED that I even took a photo, which I’ve attached to this review! After that night out in the Tuck & Bundle wrap, for the first time I finally felt like “I can do this”. The very next day I felt motivated to venture out to the grocery store. Again, the baby was so COMFORTABLE and So HAPPY the entire time I was grocery shopping! Photo attached! From here, I started to exercise and cook! My options were now limitless! I now had finally gained the encouragement I needed to take care of myself again in the midst of taking care of my bundle of joy! Thank you so much, Tuck & Bundle, for bringing JOY back into my life as a new mother!!! I am FOREVER grateful for your baby wrap!! It has truly saved my life and taken bricks off my chest! My baby has loved every second of your MAGIC baby wrap! I also appreciate the array of color options and patterns you offer! I have the wrap in black, dark green and baby blue. My husband loved wearing the black and dark green!
Are there any plans for a “floral” pattern this coming spring?? That would be SO cute!!!

Jadra Halterman
Like it not love it

This is my second purchase for the wraps. My first one ended up getting holes in it from washing. But it’s really difficult for me to pull the straight across part right enough for the top of it that goes over their head it just won’t tighten no matter how I adjust it

What is Tencel™ Micromodal?

Typically found in high-end activewear and intimate apparel, TencelTM Micromodal is a knit manufactured through a more environmentally responsible production processes. Originating from sustainable Austrian wood and pulp sources and are certified as compostable and biodegradable. Along with its botanic origin the key benefits include softness, enhanced breathability, moisture management, color retention, and best of all won’t shrink or pill. Lightweight perfection.



We recommend beginning from birth. Our wrap is perfect for babies 8-35 lb (0-18 months old). You will get the most use out of your wrap within the baby's first year. If baby is under 8 lb please hit the live chat so we can help with a tutorial for custom fit.

No, we DO NOT recommend either. Forward facing can increase stimulation which can be a stressor for newborns and as they grow it can put too much pressure on baby’s spine and joints. It can also increase the risk of baby falling out of the wrap because the direction of gravity is forward without restraint and it may put pressure on the wearer’s back causing them to over-arch. We also advise against back carrying in this wrap. We DO recommend carrying to the side with the wrap so they can see everything around them. Simply put them on as instructed in the Classic Hold and wiggle them to either side of your torso and chest. You can fan out the opposite shoulder section for your added comfort. A tutorial video is available on our website.

We do not recommend wearing twins in our wrap. Parents of multiples love our wrap because one baby is able sleep securely in the wrap while allowing you to be hands-free to feed or play with the other. Purchasing a second wrap for your spouse is a great option.

Our wrap is machine washable. Wash on delicate, cold, and tumble dry low. To prevent tangling with other garments, you may wash your wrap in a mesh bag. Do not use chemical spot treatments.

Our tutorials are located on our website, YouTube, and Instagram highlights. You can also schedule a one-on-one video call through FaceTime or Facebook messenger.