You're going to love how lightweight and breathable this dark slate grey baby wrap is.

Each wrap is made with 100% luxurious Lenzing Micromodal (no cotton here!) which is ultra-lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch. Micromodal makes our wraps perfect for summer babywearing but also great for any time of year.  We care about the safety of your child. Our wraps have been safety tested in the U.S. and comply with safety regulations and requirements.

Baby wraps are great for bonding and have been shown to soothe crying (43% less during the day and 51% less at night) and colic.

Whether you're looking for a lightweight baby wrap that makes it easier to get out of the house or a wrap to wear around the house so you can be hands free while bonding with baby, then Tuck and Bundle wraps are the perfect choice. They're so comfortable you'll want to wear yours all day and so lightweight and breathable that you won't feel like you're wrapped in a blanket or weighed down by a bulky backpack.

All Ezra Collection lightweight baby wraps are:

  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Great baby shower gifts (don't worry, at least three other people will buy her a Goodnight Moon book)
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for newborns 8-25 lbs (0-15 months)

Go ahead and place your order now or add a wrap to your baby registry because popular colors sell out fast!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews


Love love love this!

This product is so easy to use and feels so secure when I’m wearing it. I would recommend this for any expecting mother! Watch the tutorial N follow along, you can’t mess it up!

Soft, Comfy & easy

My newborn loves being put into her tuck & bundle wrap. We initially tried another brand and she hated it but falls asleep almost instantly when put in here!

Cute but not realistic

The wrap stretches really easily as I wore it with my 3 week old (now a month) which is frustrating because he would fall as I’m going on walks. I would practice each time I wore it, putting it on tighter and tighter, but the tie part and loose ends through out the wrap seem to find it’s way to loosen up still which Is a huge bummer because I didn’t feel safe carrying him. Also, I like the idea of wraps but I guess I’m realizing with how often my newborn feeds it’s not realistic to wear for long periods of time because I have to take it off and basically play jump rope with it to try and feed my son every so often. I wish I could return both of them ☹️ I give 3 stars because they are cute and I’m sure for some people this concept works ..


Love love love ! Can’t wait to use this wrap!!